the seventies

Jens Brincker i Berlinske Tidende 1977

UNM Stockholm 1970

Det kan føre til dramatiske episoder som i Barry Truax’ "Nautilus" hvor Einar Nielsen stjal billedet fra musikken med sin intense slagtøjskunst.

Jens Brincker i Berlinske Tidende 1978

Bergens Tidende 1977

Frühstück in Köln 1971

Slagtøjsvirtuosen Einar Nielsen har i sådan en sammenhæng en dejlig ironisk behersket form for skuespiltalent, der vel var medvirkende til at få komponistens intentioner rigtigt frem.

John Christiansen i Jyllands Posten 1976

Béla Bartoks "Sonata"

for two pianos and percussion at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus 1975

The best Vietnamese restaurant in Paris


After winning the second prize at the "Rencontre International de Percussion" in La Rochelle 1974, where I, amongst others, played Thien Dao’s "May" for solo percussion, there was a great party, where my former wife and I were invited (ordered!) by Dao’s mother to join their table. It was a magical evening with its own euphoric moments. Dao gave me this address of and these menu suggestions for what we soon enough found to be the most exquisite Vietnamese restaurant in Paris.

Koncert i Pro Musica

Aalborg 1973


Flemming Weiss i Politiken 1975

Bo Holten i Weekendavisen 1976

Jens Brincker i Berlinske Tidende 1978

Jens Brincker i Berlinske Tidende 1975